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We save you money. We save you time. We work ONLY for you! We work smart. We make it personal.

If you are looking to buy overseas, then viewing trips and orientation breaks, can prove very costly and time consuming - especially if you are being shown around properties, and areas, that are simply not suitable so by employing somebody to work with your best interests at the forefront, you are adopting a cost effective  and positive approach to your search, which will result in you finding your absolute ideal property.

With over 1500 estate & sales agents in the Marina Alta - it can be a minefield trying to find your ideal property, many houses are for sale with multiple agents, often at different prices, and nearly always with different pictures, so until you turn up to the same house twice, with different agents, you are totally unaware you have been looking at the paper or online details of the same property.  You will also find many agents listing properties in their windows and on their web sites, which have already been sold or have been removed from the market.  As independent property finders we can save you time by avoiding these pitfalls.

As agents are paid by the seller, they actively push houses that are in their best interests to show, which is great for the seller, but not so great for you - the buyer, as this means you are only seeing what they want you to see.

For an estate agent - it is a numbers game. They need to look busy and have lots of homes to show "for sale" in their windows or on property search websites, but in order to keep those homes on their books, they have to take buyers to view the property on a regular basis, even if the house doesn't really match the buyers requirements - a little bit of sales speak, and some gentle glossing over of the facts can make the house seem perfect for you, until you actually get there!

We will speak to all the banks to search out repossessed properties that are just 'sat' on their books and which are not yet advertised  for sale, and we will advertise your specific requirements in your chosen location (via the local press, pamphlets, door to door leaflets, local bars & cafes, school gates etc) where word of mouth within the local community is, quite often, the most effective way of locating the properties. By doing this, you can be sure that you will get to see every single property that fits your requirements, with no time wasted on unsuitable  viewings.

In addition to the property search and selection process, we will also guide you through the buying process, from organisation and application of the relevant paperwork (such as your official documentation needed), choosing a lawyer, surveyor, bank account and utility providers, helping you with the negotiation of prices and rates for their services. Contracting Aldertons ensures you have a dedicated search partner, guiding you through the entire process from initial search to negotiation of price, the legal process and finally the 'settling in process', which is often overlooked.

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