Property Finding on The Costa Blanca – Rental or Purchase

Our motto at Aldertons is "location, location, location" and we believe this first starts with the area in which you live and where you will live your life but a very very close second is your home. After all the old saying goes "home is where the heart is".

If you have experienced any kind of a home search before whether rental or purchase you are usually getting to view what an agent needs to sell or what represents the highest commission. We firmly believe that we are here to serve our clients and are responsible for their ongoing happiness once they make the move to The Costa Blanca.

This is your journey not ours, and we are here to help guide you and right the ship if you go off course and we are determined to get to the final destination calmly and safely. We don’t have any maximum number of viewings or anything that would put any pressure on you. Our maximum viewing amount is until you fall in love with a property. That’s our guarantee to you, our clients.

So, what if you don’t fall in love with a property when you are here for your orientation tour? Never fear, we can attend for you and do live video calls and take you around as many properties as you want to see. Seriously, as many as you need to see in order to feel comfortable with your decision. If you are a busy person and can’t make time for virtual viewings we will still attend all the properties and take videos ourselves and talk you through the whole time and send you the videos so you can review and ponder when you’re at home and relaxed with a glass of wine or a beer in hand. We always say that we are our clients eyes and ears on the ground, and we prove it everyday.

After we secure your dream property for you, the benefits of working will keep coming. We will take care of everything from lawyers, notaries and paperwork to utility connections. Truly a stress free journey.

The service fee for property purchase is: Non-refundable deposit of €500 + IVA, followed by a 2.5% fee upon completion of purchase. Price includes the Area Orientation Tour.

The service fee for property rental search is: Non-refundable deposit of €500 + IVA, followed by a 10%* fee of rental contract cost upon signature. Price includes Area Orientation Fee & live vídeo viewings.*minimum fee of €500 applicable.

If all this information has got you worried and stressed, don’t worry, this is normal and everyone is feeling the same way right now. Let us help you.

We love helping our clients make their dreams a reality and they love working with us.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we can help you fill out the form below and a relocation expert will be in touch shortly.

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