Spanish Residency on The Costa Blanca – Padron and TIE Card

The "El Padron" or certificado de empadronamiento and the TIE card and the final 2 stages to becoming a resident on The Costa Blanca. In order to complete them you have to have already acquired a visa granting you the right to enter Spain and start the process of becoming a resident. For more on our Visa Consultation and Application Services please visit our page on the subject.

Certificado de Empadronamiento "El Padron"

This is the first stage of Spanish residency on The Costa Blanca and requires that you have an address through rental or purchase. Choosing the right house for rent or purchase and giving you an orientation tour of The Costa Blanca are services we pride ourselves in and would love to help you with. Check out the pages on these services.

Orientation tour page
Property finding page

Once you have an address whether secured through us or not we can certainly help with the "El Padron". We will make the appointments for you and attend with you making sure you have all the documentation required. Having the long standing relationships we do in the community really helps on The Costa Blanca. On your own you may struggle to communicate with the government offices or even to get through to the right person can be a task and a half.

TIE Card

This is the second and final stage of residency on The Costa Blanca and requires that you have:

  • A visa to enter Spain and legally start becoming a resident
  • A home through rental or purchase where you will register as resident
  • A certificado de empadronamiento that registers you locally

Armed with all these things you can then go after your TIE plastic residency card. At this point you would probably assume that this last stage must be easy. Never assume that when it comes to Spanish bureaucracy, this could be the most confusing piece of all of them to get as it is a new card that was introduced after Brexit to assist with the massive amount of applications that were coming through from British Expats living in Spain already.

The TIE card application requires an appointment at the local immigration office that is usually located in the Nacional Policia station. We can easily assist with this as we have processed countless applications for our clients.

As we always say, "we are our clients eyes and ears on the ground". We will take care of the mundane administrative stuff for you so you can live the life you dreamed about.

If all this information has got you worried and stressed, don’t worry, this is normal and everyone is feeling the same way right now. Let us help you.

We love helping our clients make their dreams a reality and they love working with us.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we can help you fill out the form below and a relocation expert will be in touch shortly.

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